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The Dark Gift


Darker and heavier than anything D.R.S. has done, The Dark Gift incorporates all that is needed to convey the  horror that one of their own faces. What could be deemed a 'concept album' is really a soundtrack to an adventure. From abduction to escape - with torture, deceit and comfort from a friend thought lost, this epic tale rewards all who dare to listen.

The absolute companion for all who thrive on dark, heavy music with gothic themes. Sixteen tracks of imaginative music to entertain, with a BONUS TRACK - Night on Bald Mountain: The ultimate dark holiday theme performed in the classic D.R.S. style!  Recently featured in Epic Pictures Group's horror classic "Tales of Halloween" (release date October 2015)

The liner notes allow you to follow the storyline and characters that make up the theme for this CD: it's a saga you don't want to miss!





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The Abduction notes
The Cell notes
Morgan's Theme notes
Solitude notes
The Creeper notes
The Questioning notes
Valinor's Theme notes
The Plan notes
The Preparation notes
The Torture notes
Nadjinia's Theme notes
The Escape notes
The Ring's Theme notes
Sanctuary notes
The Find notes
The Fight notes
Bonus Track  
Night On Bald Mountain notes


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"The eternal of the individual  human being

is to shatter his loneliness"



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