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Spectral Evidence



photo by Duncan Griffiths

Spectral Evidence is Dead Rose Symphony's approach to classic horror.  Each piece is a musical representation of the themes of horror films and novels, past and present, the nightmares of modern society or your own fears. 

No children or mothers were harmed during the recording of this project.  Some of the songs included are meant to represent the darkest in human nature and are presented for entertainment purposes only.  Dead Rose Symphony and McWhorter Records do not advocate the use of violence in any way.




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March of the Dead  
What Awaits You  
Walking in Shadows  
Ward 5  
Go Away!  
The Dead See Trolls  
The Forest  
The Rocking Chair  
Wolf Chase  
The Parlour  
The Worms Are Lurking  
Back Before Sunrise  
Draci Triada  





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